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On February 24, 2022, Dr. Janette Ok, Associate Professor of New Testament at Fuller Seminary, presented at the second Asian American Theology and Ministry Colloquium at Princeton Theological Seminary of this year. Dr. Ok asks, What does it mean to preach in a way that reflects being Asian American? Is there such a thing as a distinctly Asian American voice and presence at the pulpit? This conversation explores possibilities for how to engage biblical interpretation as a contextual and liberative practice that interacts with Asian American identity. We consider how preaching can speak to the concrete needs and gifts of Asian American churches in ways that reflect the complexities, specificities, and pluralities of Asian American Christian experience.

The Center for Asian American Christianity at Princeton Theological Seminary is advancing the scholarly study of Asian American Christianity, developing a forward-looking vision for Asian American theology, and equipping and empowering Asian American Christians for faithful gospel ministry and public witness.

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