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Area of Theological Focus


Christian discipleship has to do with following the call of God upon our lives. This call of God is our Christian vocation, and this call of God takes on specific form as we obey Christ in our particular stages of life as well as different social circumstances. Given the travails of modern existence, there is an increasing need to turn to traditions of spiritual formation, esp. the contemplative practices of listening deeply to God, in order to attune our whole person to the call of God upon our lives. Christian discipleship—following the way of Jesus—involves practical matters of theological significance. Where do we choose to live? How do we spend our money? How do we parent and educate our children? These mundane decisions are embedded within social, cultural, and political contexts that have theological weight. The CAAC offers theological and biblical resources that equip and enable Asian American Christians to more faithfully witness to the creative, redemptive, and reconciling work of God in Jesus Christ.