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Searching for a Faithful Response to My ‘Privileged Otherness’

Kristin Lee explores a theology that can contend with both racial hatred and racial capitalism.

Understanding the Trans-Pacific Dimensions of Asian American Faith

Princeton Seminary’s Center for Asian American Christianity and OMSC advance multidisciplinary scholarship and inter-generational ministry.
Book ReviewLinkRace

Asian Americans and the Spirit of Racial Capitalism (Reviewed by Dr. David Chao)

A major thrust of the book is that Asian Americans do not fit the White-Black racial binary in the US and, rather than expanding our racial cat- egories to include Asian Americans, we ought to reconsider these very racial categories in light of the political economy that generated their justificatory…

Asian American religions: Everywhere, all at once

“Asian American religions: Everywhere, all at once,” co-curated by Carolyn Chen (UC Berkeley), Tammy C. Ho (UC Riverside), and Jane Iwamura (University of the West) of the Asian Pacific American Religions Research Initiative (APARRI) as well as Mona Oraby (TIF editor and Howard University) who also edited the forum, expands…

Navigating American Evangelicalism as a Filipino Immigrant

My evangelical identity, my religious formation in the Philippines ... spurs me to pursue the work of bridgebuilding and social activism. My evangelicalism reminds me that there are voices around us that have been silenced by polarization and forced to the margins.

The Global Transformation of Christianity Is Here

The future of American Christianity is neither white evangelicalism nor white progressivism. The future of American Christianity is probably not one where white concerns and voices dominate the conversation. The future of American Christianity now appears to be a multiethnic community that is largely led by immigrants or the children…
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Book Review: Asian Americans and the Spirit of Racial Capitalism

Tran’s book models a no less trenchant but more careful iconoclasm, one that seeks to name and negate the false god that fuels the evils of racism. Where others name the god “whiteness,” Tran suggests instead that its name is Mammon.

Asian American Theological Forum

Asian American Theological Forum online (AATF) is a professional e-magazine that provides an editor-reviewed platform for theological discourse by and for Asian Americans, and beyond.

Read the 2021 “Lived Theology in Asian America” conference papers published in the January 2023 issue of Theology Today

The 2021 Asian American theology conference at Princeton Theological Seminary was planned prior to the widely publicized attacks against Asians in the US during the spring of 2021, yet the context of current events was unavoidable. The virtual conference held on April 23–24, 2021 was titled “Lived Theology in Asian…

The Association of Asian/North American Theological Educators (AANATE)

AANATE seeks to develop and promote Asian/North American scholarship and leadership in theological education, in collaboration with Asian counterparts.

After Watching Minari

A poem by Samuel Son about the 2020 film Minari.
BibliographiesLinkResources Related to Anti-Asian Racism

Teaching Against Racism in the Time of COVID-19 Resources | University of Illinois Chicago

This document has been compiled by Professors Anna Guevarra ([email protected]), Director and Associate Professor of Global Asian Studies, Michael Jin ([email protected]), Assistant Professor of Global Asian Studies and History, and Gayatri Reddy ([email protected]), Associate Professor of Gender & Women’s Studies and Anthropology at the University of Illinois Chicago.
CurriculaLinkResources Related to Anti-Asian Racism

Combating Anti-Asian Racism in the Age of Coronavirus | California Faculty Association

Curriculum guide written by Bianca Mabute-Louie and published by the California Faculty Association.

Marginalized People Need More Than a Seat at the Table

I believe the material histories and needs of marginalized people demand structural change and not merely a “seat at the table.” As ethnic studies professor Jodi Kim summarizes, “one does not have to be cynical to observe that this liberal or corporate multiculturalism, with its politics of symbolic, imagistic, or…

The Kyung-Chik Han Chair of Asian American Theology: What it is and Why it’s Important

Princeton Seminary and the search for a Kyung-Chik Han Chair of Asian American Theology

The Great American Potluck

Beyond the catchy melody and optimistic cartoons, the melting pot is a disarming appeal to diversity that projects an innocent history of America. By subsuming all identities into whiteness while erasing the histories and experiences of Indigenous, African, Asian, and other minority experiences, the melting pot perspective treats minorities like seasoning…

Trauma and Trump will reshape how Asian Americans vote, poll finds

Ahead of the 2022 midterms, the POLITICO/Morning Consult poll found that Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders are significantly more likely to be mobilized by a shared fear of violence and discrimination than before the pandemic

TAAF Toolkit

Building a strategic response to anti-Asian hate, together.

Why a 19th-Century Plan to Replace Black Labor with Chinese Labor Failed

The Mississippi Chinese and how race works in America.

Stop AAPI Hate Co-Founders: TIME100 2021

Find out why the Stop AAPI Hate co-founders are on this year’s list.

Field of Vision – Do Not Split

WARNING: This video contains scenes of violence some might find disturbing and profanity. Told from within the heart of the Hong Kong protests, “Do Not Split” begins in 2019 as a proposed bill allowing the Chinese government to extradite criminal suspects to mainland China escalated protests throughout Hong Kong. Unfolding…

An Interview with Jesse Jackson and Norman Fong

In San Francisco Wednesday, two legendary religious leaders had one message: love, not hate. NBC Bay Area’s Marcus Washington sat down with civil rights legend Rev. Jesse Jackson and Chinatown’s Rev. Norman Fong to talk about combating AAPI hate. (

Following Coup, Myanmar Alumni Engage in Public Theology

As alumni share their experiences of unrest in Myanmar, Professor Richard Fox Young reflects and the importance of seeing and supporting a people in crisis.

Asian American Elders Stand Resilient in the Wake of Hateful Violence

'While he was physically assaulted, he isn’t a victim' 

Rivalry Without Racism

On May 14, a stranger approached an Asian American woman outside a grocery store in Berkeley, California. “---- you, CCP!” the man shouted, referring to the Chinese Communist Party. “It’s your fault for bringing the virus here; go back to your country!” Weeks later, a Vietnamese American woman was placing…

‘Fertile Soil For Abuse’: A Reckoning At Covenant Fellowship Church

Sources said the UIUC campus church’s culture, structure and charismatic leader were among the reasons why so many stories of sexual abuse remained hidden for so long.

“Racial Justice Is a Gospel Issue” – Asian and Black Pastors Host Prayer Rally at Bergen Courthouse – Tri-State Voice

On a hot and breezy Pentecost Sunday afternoon, an assembly of Asian and Black pastors and church members met on the steps of the Bergen County Courthouse. They lamented, prayed, and repented, pleading for a mighty wind to come to refresh the Church and blow away the racism they have…

Inside the Diverse and Growing Asian Population in the U.S.

A Times analysis shows just how complex and nuanced the nation’s Asian population is — in geography, income, citizenship status and political preference.

Virulent Hate Trends

The Virulent Hate Project is an interdisciplinary research initiative that studies anti-Asian racism and Asian American activism during the COVID-19 pandemic. We aim to identify and understand broad trends in how Asian and Asian American people are experiencing and combatting racism.

In God’s Economy, Racial Groups Are Not Competitors

Sweeping the history of anti-Asian American racism under the rug just follows the general pattern of sweeping everything under the rug to make for a tidy-looking house.

The Beautiful, Flawed Fiction of ‘Asian American’

One is not born an Asian American. It’s an identity that is inherently political, and must be chosen. Before college, I had never even heard of the term, but I vividly remember the moment that I became Asian American.

Navigating a White Evangelical World in this Brown, Indian Body

A choice became clear: I could no longer contribute to Christian institutions that sought to erase the trauma and oppression of marginalized communities while silencing those who sought to resurrect and bear witness to these wounds.

How Princeton Seminary’s Slavery Audit Created Moments of Unlikely Intimacy

We need structural change. We also need to be willing to be personally undone.

National Caucus of Korean Presbyterian Church Response Letter to Atlanta

With the recent spa shootings in Atlanta resulting in the murders of six Asian-American women and the brutal attack of a 65-year old Filipino woman in Manhattan, violence against the Asian-American/Pacific- Islander (AAPI) community has become more pronounced. While these crimes were more widely covered by national media, they are…

Resources On Combatting Anti-Asian Racism

Resources collected by Dr. David Chao

Swelling Anti-Asian Violence: Who Is Being Attacked Where

The New York Times attempted to capture a sense of the rising tide of anti-Asian bias nationwide. Using media reports from across the country, The Times found more than 110 episodes since March 2020 in which there was clear evidence of race-based hate.

AAR Board Statement in Response to Continued Violence Against Asians, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

We are enraged and heartbroken over the continued violent attacks on Asians, Asian Americans, and Pacific Islanders (AAPI)—those in recent days along with the murders of eight people in Atlanta on March 16, 2021, including six Asian/Asian American women (four of Korean descent and two of Chinese descent).¹ As horrifying…

How Asian American Religious History Changes How We Write American Religious History

"We don't need the same story, the same setting, and the same plot, with a couple Asian American sidekick characters mixed in for color and comic relief...Rather, we, as a field, need serious engagement in Asian American experiences. Moreover, we need to be open to the fact that Asian American…

Confronting The Divide Between Black and Asian Americans

Red Table Talk with Guests Lisa Ling and Michael Dyson

What God Has Done and Will Do Through Our Asian American Experience

We are more than inherited doctrines and practices.