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Doing Asian American Theology: A Conversation with Daniel D. Lee

Our bodies, our locations, our cultures, and our particular context matter. Where we meet God, where we hear God's word actually matters to God and to ourselves.
Dismantling the “South Asian American Dream”
The (Un)Silenced Stories of Asian America: Faith and Grief in the Poetry of Jeanelle Fu
February 6, 2023

“Pressure Cooker” — a poem by Shreya Ramachandran

"And just like the white rice it cooked / The whiteness boiled inside of me / Pressurizing into a pristine product for others pleasure / I bathed in the waters of the pressure cooker thinking it would cleanse me."
January 30, 2023

Taking Up Space at the Foot of the Table: A Filipino American Perspective on Being Asian American in Evangelicalism

(This is a paper presented by Professor Jordan Ryan for the 2022 IBR/SBL session on Asian American Biblical Interpretation: Evangelical Voices organized by Milton Eng, Max Lee, and Bo Lim.) Filipino Americans are the third largest Asian ethnic group in the United States. However, we are frequently invisible, forgotten, and…
January 27, 2023

“Do you hate being Filipino?” — Reflections on ‘Identity in Christ’ Rhetoric and its Material Consequences on Christian Belonging

Rather than preaching a “new identity in Christ” to replace or move people away from their lived experiences, we could ground it in the very material conditions of our communities and the shared spiritual formation in these ultimately created spaces. Doing so might allow “new identity in Christ” rhetoric to…
January 16, 2023

2021 “Lived Theology in Asian America” Conference Papers Published in the January 2023 Issue of Theology Today

We are excited to announce that the presentations from our 2021 conference "Lived Theology in Asian America: Race, Justice, and Politics in Transpacific Context" have been published in the January 2023 issue of Theology Today.
January 11, 2023

The In-Between Spaces: Seminary and Ministry as a Chinese Canadian

Dr. Julia Zhao theologically reflects on her hybrid identity particularly as it relates to her call to ministry. In so many ways, my life, as an immigrant and as a Christian, has been lived in in-between spaces. I immigrated to Canada as a child, retaining memories of China while also…
January 4, 2023

Why I Left the Taiwanese American Church 20 Years Ago

Why I left the Taiwanese American church 20 years ago Twenty years ago I walked away from Asian American ministry. Right after I got my M.Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary, I served as the associate pastor of a Taiwanese Presbyterian church in New Jersey. After three short years I resigned.…

A Conversation with Melissa Borja and Jonathan Tran, 2021 AAT Conference, Part 2 In this conversation, David Chao, Melissa Borja, and Jonathan Tran share why the 2021 Asian American Theology Conference is important and why they look forward to it. Conference registration is free: To learn more about the Asian American Program at Princeton Theological Seminary: 0:00 Why have an…
April 16, 2021

A Conversation with Melissa Borja and Jonathan Tran, 2021 AAT Conference, Part 1 In this conversation, David Chao, Melissa Borja, and Jonathan Tran discuss Asian American identity, the utility of ethnography for doing Asian American theology, and recent events surrounding anti-Asian racism. 0:00​ What counts as “Asian American”?7:22​ Using ethnography as an intervention in doing Asian American theology.11:45​ Creative tensions between first…
April 14, 2021