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Dr. Jonathan Tran‘s public lecture on April 8, 2022 titled “Yellow Christianity” continues themes from his book, Asian Americans and the Spirit of Racial Capitalism (Oxford University Press, 2022). Dr. Tran, Associate Professor of Philosophical Theology at Baylor University, develops an account of “yellow” politics and Christianity that begins with particular sites of racial capitalist oppression and domination and pushes toward liberative coalitional politics. He also discusses recent cases of anti-AAPI violence and their historical antecedents, liberation theology’s attention to local and transnational sources of oppressive domination, and how “yellow Christianity” offers a way forward.

The Center for Asian American Christianity at Princeton Theological Seminary is advancing the scholarly study of Asian American Christianity, developing a forward-looking vision for Asian American theology, and equipping and empowering Asian American Christians for faithful gospel ministry and public witness.

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