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This lecture was recorded on April 28, 2023, as part of the 2023 Asian American Theology Conference “Multiple Belongings in Transpacific Christianities: Christian Faith and Asian Migration to the US.” Find out more about the conference here: Introduction by Dr. David Chao of Princeton Theological Seminary.

Abstract: After centuries of colonial violence, Filipino American identity and Christianity are characterized by experiences of un-belonging. This un-belonging manifests in ways that are pastorally and ecclesially significant, as US Filipinos negotiate Christian faith with increasing distance from the Philippines itself. To theologize and minister with Filipino American churches, then, is to labor in “home construction,” as the idea of home is continuously contested and reconceived.

The Center for Asian American Christianity at Princeton Theological Seminary is advancing the scholarly study of Asian American Christianity, developing a forward-looking vision for Asian American theology, and equipping and empowering Asian American Christians for faithful gospel ministry and public witness.

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