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In this conversation, David Chao, Melissa Borja, and Jonathan Tran share why the 2021 Asian American Theology Conference is important and why they look forward to it.

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0:00 Why have an Asian American theology conference? Its pragmatic function and the need for a space to turn pain into power.
4:29 Presbyterians and Asian Americans.
5:58 Racism and antiracism as theological issues: How do we talk about God in the midst of extraordinary forms of injustice? “The fight for justice is natural because justice is natural to God.”
7:22 Ethnography and the church.
8:24 Lots of positive energy for conversation and building relationships at these conferences.
9:12 Theological formation that connects justification and justice, especially for the next generation of Asian American churches.
11:11 The importance of conferences for exchanging ideas and for building relationships esp. during the social isolation intensified by the pandemic. We need resurrection hope!

The Center for Asian American Christianity at Princeton Theological Seminary is advancing the scholarly study of Asian American Christianity, developing a forward-looking vision for Asian American theology, and equipping and empowering Asian American Christians for faithful gospel ministry and public witness.

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